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Epic skin: Epic skin hides the skin relative to Yu Zhen, there is bigger promotion on skin specially good effect, with respect to the cosignatory and custom-built money with a mobile phone a truth, besides the change of the exterior, return those who form a complete set goes up to upgrade.

相信每个选手获得的第一位英雄也经常出现比赛种类。与其他英雄相比,9527比较简单,使用方便,技术也比较综合,但真的可以灵活使用,好的也不太多。今天,我将向大家说明兵王9527的实际使用姿势。Prevent blood (epic) , 50, every 2000 dot certificate in the evening: Stone of 6 class aggrandizement, 100, fish of pink of pink of every 6600 bits of , 10, the battle meaning fragment of elegance and talent of every 12888 bits of certificate, 200, the Neon skirt fragment of elegance and talent of every 168 bits of certificate, 200, the divine bless fragment of elegance and talent of every 100 bits of certificate, 200, every 100 dot certificate stone of 5 class life, 100, every 399 dot certificate stone of 5 class blackart, 100, 5 class atttack every 329 dot certificate stone, 100, every 469 dot certificate stone of 5 class defence, 100, every 309 dot certificate the 2nd batch (on April 17 5 when to on April 20 5 when) midday: Jin Lushi, 100, box of ceremony of clever stone of every 1200 bits of certificate (clever stone *10) , 500, every 188 dot certificate Long Jia of 2 rank Qiu, 100, every dot certificate imperial robe of 16662 rank coil, 100, every dot certificate 16662 rank Ying Longkai, 100, every dot certificate armour of dragon of 16662 rank flood dragon, 100, every dot certificate 16662 rank the die young of the destiny, 100, every dot certificate smooth armor of 16662 rank luck, 100, every dot certificate sanded armour of Luo Yun of 16662 rank green jade, 100, every dot certificate 1666 in the evening: Spirit of way clever spirit, 500, every 300 the Bai Hu that order ticket"s generals, 10, every 5000 dot certificate put magical die young fragment on the ice, 100, every 99 dot certificate put divine armour on the ice, 5, every 35000 dot certificate put divine ala on the ice, 5, red of of Nie of every 31000 bits of certificate.

枪火战神兵王9527怎么玩 兵王9527攻略解析



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枪火战神兵王9527怎么玩 兵王9527攻略解析




枪法是基本,意识是核心。这是我经常说的话。没有很硬的枪法。不管你怎么熟悉,只适用于某些特定的英雄,枪法决定一个人的下限是射击游戏,9527再次以步枪为中心战斗,因此熟悉射击方式很重要。《枪火战神》的辅助不瞄准对兵王9527的收益,要好好利用。 最重要的是,玩家们在家庭大厅拍照并分享,作为自己的家庭形象上传家庭照片。

Every success challenges goddess of * elite night, the reappearance after needing 3 days removes new challenge.


of part day activity adjusted the finishing pattern of task of part day activity: [the other that nod assist] , [finish pair of fight] , [birthday blesses] , [memorial blesses] the task: Need to use part day to appoint part ability to finish the job no longer.

最好的环境在后面,在护士身体前面,在文章后面,在前面反打,后面流血,小偷安慰,保护我们的支持英雄是很重要的!继续移动自己的输出位置寻找输出环境时,最好在存储库后面或司机后面输出,这样可以减少不必要的伤害。输出的同时注意自己的安全,一句话,彻底的科摩罗,不是很稳定的情况,不要急着追一杯羹,不要提他会杀了你,也许你过去的下一个角落里会有很多人在等你,还有9527所有英雄中,能力不佳,没有大招或弱招。Prepared to celebrate strange activity hereby, still head of set limit to measures activation code to wait for you to take!

DNF hand swims develop these year, obtain optimize and progress to cannot leave a brave and strong person people participate in.

选择四面开阔的地区进行战斗,可以选择埋伏、更多的输出对象,输出同时减少伤害,在高处作战最适合9527,有大招的时候,可以在高处和大视野中运用大招,他的大招是集团战争的武器。Upgrade grade of sports season manual, sports season manual reachs corresponding order and degree, can win corresponding award.

" island epoch " now already open makes an appointment, the island world that explores strange unreal together!

想想小李、福雷斯、福雷斯博士、唐尼等互相面对的大把戏,这秒表的技能,你觉得他们很快就大了,有意识地提前隐藏,如何隐藏,简单,和大部队分开,寻找自己的掩体输出。另一边只有两个选项,一个或一个团队成员,一般尽可能多的人驾驶,生存,可能会有更多的输出机会。也许能强制拯救世界。On April 27, fourfold contest begins formally.

枪火战神兵王9527怎么玩 兵王9527攻略解析

枪火战神兵王9527怎么玩 兵王9527攻略解析

I, , , , guess attending a meeting is you.


Ceremony of overflow of fragment of lyceum city hero includes month of the ~5 after updating on April 22 13 days 00: 00 go up a store, include *1 of fragment of lyceum city hero, price 5 kinds of 4 stone, daily be restricted to buy 1.

很多人不知道是谁先打的,在什么情况下是怎么打的。有几点可以帮助你更好地使用9527。Sound of 1/2/3 layer demon will part dislodge speed reduces 4%/8%/12% , speed of broken interpret, cure reduces 15%/30%/50% .

Captain of a naval ship is undertaking [augment equipment supply] when, use up need " energy accurate supply gets stuck " .

如果团结、敌和我军都有盾牌,先摧毁盾牌,集中火力,使前面的坦克干,哪一个盾牌先退到哪一个。is aspirant travel “

of epigone of melt into “

打近战,如果出口更安全,就优先汇出辅助物,攻击英雄,杀肉,流血,或先杀死威胁英雄。of disgraced hill sea, a few brand-new subject matter were added in also swimming for hand of ”

Two kinds of probability all do not suffer above influence of probability UP place.

对方队友几乎死了,剩下两三个人的时候,先打死最具威胁(对方的输出)的人,再打中辅助装置。The knights in the destiny game that much part interweaves will be reincarnate the card that it is card, and the Cangzhi knightage that the player"s target collects more parts namely and composition belongs to him.

枪火战神兵王9527怎么玩 兵王9527攻略解析

Shop integral reachs different level, still can obtain corresponding character to convert intellectual card, after opening, can obtain this period one of intellectual card!



在远距离作战中,一般是依靠掩体作战。有时,一些英雄,如千手、骑士、熊猫等,也会粘在一起。那个英雄怎么一个人选择是没有意义的。首先,这是团队游戏。发射时间的90%基本上是年代,能形成1v1的情况很少。即使有机会双方的技能都不具备,也可以稍微提及对1v1条件的一些英雄应对方案。Hide at the back of stone column to be able to check a stab in the back that an eccentric person gives off, next wretched strike back;

Nevertheless relatively at " Wang Zherong boasts " , " the hero is allied " the MOBA game that waits for a tradition, " wild melee " having again differ apparently, it cut the level that part development grows, map scope is less also, make bilateral player OK and direct enter pair of battle phase.

文章:大文章贴在身体上,文章剑的攻击速度比较慢。你退下,记住跑了多远,s形队形后退,冲不掉脸,司机打开盾牌可以减慢速度,集中火力就行了。3 stars defend BUG rehabilitate to show the fetter that is bronze class now repair the BUG rehabilitate that after Zelasi revives armour rises, continues to release skill as before Zelasi is when renascent armour activation the BUG rehabilitate of configuration of can missing skill Zelasi, heroic vision movement of Zelasi can be decided the BUG A racoon dog of case wants now when reclaim after ball of the first law, just can release the next time skill more is wonderful content, head for please " the play chess hand of cloud top swims " zoneHey home of amuse oneself of hand of CF of cough up everybody everybody is good, as 5.

Daily and free send 3 pieces of different archives random discount ticket!

布手:远距离作战,布手一般用影子干扰,不断变换位置攻击。影子的攻击范围是40米,尽量不接近影子。远程攻击的情况下,千手不是9527对手。This period it is DNF hand swims last when blow feeling shapes series literary works, my general is shared with everybody, DNF hand swims is how from specially good effect symphonious effect builds blow to feel.

[2 skill] little sister of call drive slope makes every 1 second finally can be in target place call little sister of slope of a drive, continuously 9 seconds, drive slope little sister meets pair of individual enemies inside attack limits have charge, cause magic arts harm.

在近距离作战中,通常千手有两种贴身方式。第一种是通过影子入侵解除刀攻击。这种方法一般容易避免。另一种方法是大招。就是不要在天水突然进来的时候直立行走,容易击中,在血液量小的情况下一刀毙命。对方有大绝招,绝对不打,发挥9527远程攻击的优势是王道。It is for example in arena big melee, we can carry dragon of a topknot to give fight, by right of its of fit skill repel the effect, can help everybody attack the enemy quickly outside flying to setting.

It is the position of high-rise additionally, high-rise is the point with this piece of very main map, can very effective prevent the enemy to press the home, also can cause to the enemy very big annoy and harm.

熊猫:不要去对方玩,不要跑,他有很多血,很厚的盾牌。不管怎样,如果他打开盾牌,就打出来,计算熊猫的攻击距离。你不是他的第一个射击目标,也不需要你的队员在旁面对付。用他拿盾牌的命打也行。During the activity, participate in infinite firepower to will drop money of bag of infinite firepower ceremony, sports.

To fulfil commitment, he besmears on his luxuriant clothings full the smile of the model of written characters of “

珍妮:珍妮的出口是所有英雄之一,她玩的即兴性和意识太强,可能攻击两三次就死了。在1 v1的情况下,个人感觉和珍妮打得不好,对方有位移,我方没有大招的话,可以和珍妮拼。 header welfare promotes: In 4 rounds of call, be like captain not call arrives SP/SSR type god, will have probability special call 1 that day in group medium SP/SSR type is magical, initiative probability is 10% , if be before call of this field secret condition, captain is successive call of condition of secret of 1/2/3 second open not call arrives SP/SSR type god, probability rises for 30% , 50% , 100% , call restores to the probability after SP/SSR type god 10% .

69 yuan, already at city of all on April 10 donative Shenzhen foundation of an earth nature, use at black finless porpoise of domestic the Yangtse River and ounce and project of its habitat protection.

哈卡:哈卡和9527的性格有些相似。两个英雄都有恒速、低俗的攻击力,但在短球上,哈卡突出的和谋略优于9527,具有近战能力的英雄一般看起来更强,但在运营上被认为是5个英雄。3, accumulative total consumes 1000 a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China during the activity: Coagulate *6 of fetch liquid medicine, silver-colored ticket *6, *3 of stroke green water, qing Weishi *3⦁

And upgrade in the activity still have special discount, can let us become be economical small expert absolutely.

伊索:是骚扰的英雄,一般攻击的伤害不高,但很灵活,无需特别追赶。对方一个人杀你的可能性也比较低。Still use grading of evaluation system one by one more importantly to hit label ~ (hear serve as an eccentric person they strive for 5 stars in effort reputably .

The attention concealments!

摘要:军人9527不要独自选择。因为这位英雄能发挥自己在联队中的优势,在联队中的位置和技术,炸弹和大绝招,在AOE受伤的情况下,输出仍然有效,通过减少自己的弹性,死亡量,在战斗中发挥客观的伤口。Fashionable dress of ”