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CF手游焕AK47青花瓷武器属性解析 焕系列英雄级武器登场



Token can participate in COA3 match guess, the battle group that you dote on Pick, make what you move toward to the match forecast.


CF手游焕AK47青花瓷武器属性解析 焕系列英雄级武器登场

Because this country takes follow-up operation, also be to be opposite this making to examine best.

上图比较了环形AK47-蓝色和白色陶瓷和源AK47-黑色武士的属性面板,小伙伴们直观地看到,两种武器的属性只有渗透能力有很大的差异,环系列AK武器的渗透能力为100点,而AK47-黑色武士的渗透能力仅为60点,在团队模式和爆破模式下,箱伤至少为一个阶段。The girlhood of different world is differ, disposition each different, be full of various glamour.

3, the recursive task route that recursive player can choose to differ according to oneself preference, task of the regression that finish can win rich and generous award.


CF手游焕AK47青花瓷武器属性解析 焕系列英雄级武器登场

Prevent blood (epic) , 50, every 2000 dot certificate in the evening: Stone of 6 class aggrandizement, 100, fish of pink of pink of every 6600 bits of , 10, the battle meaning fragment of elegance and talent of every 12888 bits of certificate, 200, the Neon skirt fragment of elegance and talent of every 168 bits of certificate, 200, the divine bless fragment of elegance and talent of every 100 bits of certificate, 200, every 100 dot certificate stone of 5 class life, 100, every 399 dot certificate stone of 5 class blackart, 100, 5 class atttack every 329 dot certificate stone, 100, every 469 dot certificate stone of 5 class defence, 100, every 309 dot certificate the 2nd batch (on April 17 5 when to on April 20 5 when) midday: Jin Lushi, 100, box of ceremony of clever stone of every 1200 bits of certificate (clever stone *10) , 500, every 188 dot certificate Long Jia of 2 rank Qiu, 100, every dot certificate imperial robe of 16662 rank coil, 100, every dot certificate 16662 rank Ying Longkai, 100, every dot certificate armour of dragon of 16662 rank flood dragon, 100, every dot certificate 16662 rank the die young of the destiny, 100, every dot certificate smooth armor of 16662 rank luck, 100, every dot certificate sanded armour of Luo Yun of 16662 rank green jade, 100, every dot certificate 1666 in the evening: Spirit of way clever spirit, 500, every 300 the Bai Hu that order ticket"s generals, 10, every 5000 dot certificate put magical die young fragment on the ice, 100, every 99 dot certificate put divine armour on the ice, 5, every 35000 dot certificate put divine ala on the ice, 5, red of of Nie of every 31000 bits of certificate.

据悉,AK军的特点是子弹伤得很重,但后座也很大,武器也比较不稳定,所以测试小伙伴的操作。欢。AK47-蓝白陶器也是如此。上面的图表是对前5发子弹连发状态下弹道向上产生显着漂移,然后弹道左右摇摆,形成比较明显的“t”字的武器的弹道评估。建议大家开枪或尽可能多的射击,以充分发挥这种武器的力量。 warmth hints: Setting skin need is comfortable match setting, the likelihood after be being obtained so needs to enter game to just can show afresh, if reward Zhang to have delay of a few seconds, if did not ask old man to Zhang just a minute hind Zhou Wumou of attempt use ~5, newer —

If predict to be safeguarded inside time,did not finish, take time will postpone, hope you can forgive;


CF手游焕AK47青花瓷武器属性解析 焕系列英雄级武器登场

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兑换。AK47-------------------------------------32Accumulative total sign in sends permanent pack - the activity is rewarded - rainbow block knapsack (permanent) - mobile time - on April 29 - on May 11 - participate in means - during the activity, daily sign in or filling autograph can be gotten sign in was rewarded that day, accumulative total autograph is full 8 days, can get rainbow block pack (permanent) .特别是在贴在墙角的情况下,敌人一旦露头,就可以直接杀了我们。The player can dig mine in home island cutting, build pound, or it is in home farm plants dish, steal food, the company in enjoying manufacturing process moves fun interactively.

Still having action of a capital construction is MiG rash running wildly, run to life next, run faster more finally until tired to stop run.